Oncity 2: 4 Décadas de Inclusión


The purpose of this experience is for students to learn and to trigger their curiosity, raising their awareness and empathising with the world of disability and inclusion.

This is a great adventure in which they will face different challenges that they will have to overcome and where they will learn about the evolution of inclusion for four decades.

To play the game, you must register to take part in the School Contest. Each game lasts approximately 30-35 minutes, depending on how much you know! But don't worry; you can save the game and pick up where you left off later.

In this special edition, with Igu, a resident of ONCITY, you will travel through time through different scenarios where you will meet new characters, and face new challenges to learn about inclusion. Ah! And surprise content to learn about some important moments in the history of the Contest!

You don't have to do the experience to participate in the School Contest, but we recommend that you do! It is a brilliant way to understand the purpose of the 40th Contest.

Captura del videojuego en la que se visualizan varios personajes en una calle con un videoclub
Captura del videojuego en la que se visualizan distintos deportes paralímpicos